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Hidden racism in the pandemic

Feb. 16, 2021

To the Editor,

After it was discovered that Indigenous, Black and immigrant populations were disproportionately affected by Covid-19, a Covid-19 disinformation campaign was created. This included covid-19 denial videos and memes to be spread on the internet. They were created to fulfill Trump's white supremacist agenda by increasing harm to these populations. This social media is professionally made and appears to be credible. On the surface the “facts” seem to make sense. These videos and memes look so believable that they have been spread world-wide.

Covid-19 denial media may include fake science about how mask-wearing is harmful, how vaccines can track you or how Bill Gates started the “plandemic.” COVID-19 deniers spread negative information about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton but never about Donald Trump. In Canada it targets Justin Trudeau or Theresa Tam. Covid-19 denialism has a cult-like following. Its followers develop fixed, firm beliefs in this false information.

The Epoch Times (in newspaper and video form) is also well-known for spreading COVID-19 disinformation and anti-Asian racism. This fake news is funded by Donald Trump and/or Q-Anon. All of this fake “science” is being spread locally by well-meaning people who don't realize they are being duped or that they are unwittingly spreading far-right, white-supremacist agenda.

Why does it matter?

A) It's wrong to spread racism.

B) COVID-19 deniers increase the spread of the virus by convincing others to not take it seriously. This leads to provincial lockdowns, causing harm to disadvantaged groups. When we spread this misinformation we are increasing the harm to the homeless and to other low-income groups.

C) If we allow Covid-19 to take hold in our area we will create conditions that could kill your grandmother, or your friend with Asthma, or your other friend with COPD or Heart Disease.

D) Spreading disinformation increases Covid-19 lockdowns, prolonging harm to local small business.

If people believe that Covid-19 is not real, why would they wash their hands before serving customers? Why shouldn't they wear their mask under their nose in the grocery store? Why would they wear a mask anywhere? So far, we've been lucky in the Bancroft area to have low Covid-19 rates, but a much more contagious Covid-19 variant is on the way. We need to be more vigilant than ever to prevent local transmission.

If you believe the vaccine will track you, that masks make you ill, or that satan-worshipping pedophiles stole the U.S. election from Donald Trump, you may have been brainwashed by the Covid-19 denial movement. It's ironic that some people who wouldn't consider themselves racist spread this disinformation.

Racial justice and Covid-19 denial don't mix. There is no “Plandemic.” The only plan is for Q-Anon and the Far-right to try to insidiously confuse and brainwash Canadians to try to divide us. To divide and conquer like they did in the U.S.

“Covid-19 denial” ;;; brought to you by the same people who created "climate change denial."

Jackie Lewis,


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