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MP Derek Sloan talks COVID-19, vaccines, and ‘The Great Reset’

December 8, 2020

Dec. 8, 2020

By Nate Smelle

Hastings-Lennox and Addington MP Derek Sloan has drawn criticism from his fellow Members of Parliament after recently backing a petition that casts doubt on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine that is currently being developed. To find out the reason why Sloan decided to sponsor the controversial petition; and, learn more about his position on vaccines, COVID-19, and what he identifies on his Twitter page as “The Great Reset,” Bancroft This Week sent the area’s MP the following seven questions:

Bancroft This Week: Why did you decide to support this petition?

Sloan: It is my policy to support any petition that dovetails with concerns raised by constituents. On the issue of COVID-19 and the vaccine roll-out I’ve receive hundreds of questions. I have sponsored many petitions in my time in office, and view it as a great avenue for direct democracy from constituents to the government. The petition gives any Canadian a chance to ask the government questions directly and get a response.

Bancroft This Week: What should the federal government be doing differently in managing their response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Sloan: Even the WHO has said that lock-downs are not a treatment for COVID – they may be required for brief periods in an emergency but are unsustainable long term. I promote targeted safety measures for the most vulnerable amongst us, but for the rest of us, particularly in areas like Hastings- Lennox and Addington where case counts are low, we need to encourage life to continue while abiding by the usual pandemic safety protocols. Economic depression has a real impact on life years, a concept developed by actuaries to note the decrease in life expectancy surrounding economic slow-downs. Our response to this has to be “just right”- either “too hot” or “too cold” can have devastating consequences on the health of our community.

Bancroft This Week: What have you learned from your experience of being an MP during this public health crisis?

Sloan: This has been a stressful time for all of us, and my office and my staff have done a tremendous job dealing with thousands of inquiries as to available programs and working directly with businesses who have fallen through the cracks of these programs. What is concerning is all the politicians and health experts making calls on lock-downs, they get paid no matter what by taxpayers. They don’t know the pain that was felt by millions of Canadians who lost their jobs, lost their business, even lost their homes. There was rises in suicide, domestic abuse, substance abuse and a litany of other issues related to the lock-down that weren’t truly acknowledged until we were months into the pandemic, but my office was hearing directly from constituents about these concerns from the very beginning. The disconnect between politicians and bureaucrats and common people was very apparent during the lock-down, and even still today.

Bancroft This Week: What are your thoughts on the vaccine, and vaccines in general?

Sloan: We don’t know which COVID-19 vaccines will be available in Canada or when. Right now the government has seven different deals with vaccine suppliers. As with any health treatment, people should ask questions and be informed on benefits and any side affects. That’s their right. Asking basic questions around safety and efficacy is not a bad thing, and I support people’s right to do so.

Bancroft This Week: Do you and your family plan to get vaccinated? Why or why not?

Sloan: We’ll see what happens when we have a vaccine ready. Right now, there isn’t a vaccine approved for kids. No COVID-19 vaccine candidate being considered for use in Canada was tested on any children younger than 12 years of age.

Bancroft This Week: You mention “The Great Reset” on your Twitter page: Can you explain what this is, and, what  people need to know about it?

Sloan: The Great Reset is a term used by various elites such as Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, Prince Charles, and perhaps PM Trudeau, who has used the term “Reset” and is on record discussing elements of the so-called Great Reset. It is less a specific plan, and more the general idea that we should use the pandemic as an opportunity to build a more equal and environmentally stable economy. On the surface that sounds good enough, but what these people likely mean are massive government spending, massive government intervention, and likely buying into regulations and investments that will ultimately destroy Canadian manufacturing and resource extraction, while creating a strong advantage to countries like China who will be free to pollute and manufacture as per usual.

Bancroft This Week: Is there anything else that you would like to say to your constituents regarding the petition, the vaccine, COVID-19, and/or “The Great Reset?”  

Sloan: I will always support having Canadian voices heard, and this petition is currently one of the most popular petitions in this parliament. I encourage everyone to ask questions and raise concerns about what they’re seeing in government. I will continue to fight against any type of “reset” that undermines the ability of citizens to be free of undue government influence and government debt. I will stand up for our communities, and not be a “yes man” who will undermine what is best for our region, our people, and our families.



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