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Re: Did you know continued

September 22, 2015

To the Editor,

It is with hopeful anticipation that this will terminate my participation in the Lorraine Fell Saga. I must say I admire her tenacity and commitment to her position on the issue of curbside garbage collection in Hastings Highlands and her ability to remember only what she chooses. I can’t claim to have attended every meeting of Council where the garbage issue was discussed but I have close friends and family who were there and who endorse the views I have presented. I may have misinterpreted a point or two but one thing appears to emerge from the fray: members of the audience appear to be more attentive to the meeting details….
Some clarification is in order. Lorraine indicates that I am not interested in the issue but rather in blaming her for the motion that created it. No blame is required. The motion had to be made by someone and she made it. The fact she made it and then nine months later created a fuss about it to garner brownie points in the Ward was a bit obvious and seemed to cry out to be challenged. Along with this expression of my motives, Lorraine mentions that her last meeting on Council was in Oct. In fact, she made the motion at the November meeting, her last meeting. The information regarding the lack of interest in the garbage contract was shared at the Oct. 15 meeting when G. Roberts and F. Hickey proposed a motion to engage the existing contractor for the optional year on his contract following Dave Robb’s oral report. Am I wrong to suggest someone is a bit confused? The contractor apparently turned down the offer. He doesn’t want the job!! It is a long way to send his equipment and employees for a truck load of garbage and I suspect it is interfering with other ventures he has begun with his business.
For Lorraine to suggest that “someone behind the scenes thought the dollars for a garbage contract were better used elsewhere” smatters of sabotage within the organization and is reprehensible. Council knew the contractor was not interested even at a higher rate. To suggest behind the scenes activity, although vague, is tantamount to slander. In addition to this less than subtle suggestion, I take exception to the comment regarding receipt of “privileged information”.The garbage information came from oral reports to Council. My interactions with Mayor Bloom are to greet, to smile and to exchange niceties. I also have been known to champion her efforts for Hastings Highlands to friends and acquaintances both in person and in the press through letters of this nature. Mayor Bloom has a tough row to hoe. The fruits of her labours are obvious to those who see clearly.
Just for the record Lorraine, although we were taxed for it, we never did have curb-side garbage collection on our dead end road, so the issue is a bit of a red herring to us.
I close my participation in this garbage debate with a quote of caution from Winston Churchill that seems to fit with Lorraine’s quest:“Nourish your hopes, but do not overlook realities”. (May 31, 1935)
It is what it is, Lorraine.
Learn to live with it!

Robt. McPherson
Papineau Lake



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