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Reva Realty grows roots in Bancroft

From left, Reva Realty admin assistant Candy West, real estate agent Steve Lesak, owner and agent Lisa Scott and executive officer for the Bancroft and Area Real Estate Association Dana Yonemitsu celebrate the opening of Reva Realty's office on Flint Avenue in Bancroft.

By Sarah Sobanski

Moving into a new house is a big step so you want to make sure you pick the right real estate agents Greensboro 1 to help you find your next property. You want your agent to show you houses they think will suit you best, not just the ones that will give them the most commission. Having an agent who puts your needs first will help make the process a much easier one for you. If you're looking for Reva Realty, look no further than the Art Gallery of Bancroft.

The real estate brokerage has a new commercial home on Flint Avenue, the same as TD Bank, the AGB, Choices Thrift Shop and Bancroft Public Library.

Lisa Scott first started Reva Realty in December of 2016. A few months later she was joined by Steve Lesak. They worked out of the front of Scott's home.

The brokerage was planned as a "from home" business, she explained. Reva stands for "real estate virtual agents," but it evolved into something more.

Scott said she thought she would be working less when she took her business home. It turned out to be the opposite.

"We did so well," she said. "This is a thank you to the community. They stuck with us, they supported us and we did really well in that we had to hire administrative staff."

Perhaps the reason Reva Realty are doing so well in the community is because of circle prospecting, which is when an agent identifies neighborhoods where they would like to be the neighborhood specialist, before reaching out to contacts in that area. Realtors who are struggling with circle prospecting may want to consider using Vulcan7 circle prospecting software 2 to help them.

The office wasn't built so much for foot-traffic as it was to create a good working environment, Scott explained. She'd like to see Reva grow up to five agents once offices have been finished in the back of the building. She'd also like to see a space where North Hastings' real estate's ins and outs are kept - similar to a library. This could mean information resources on the area such as fishing guides, maps, property histories and educational texts on marketing or sales.

"Whether you choose Steve, whether you choose me, whether you choose our new agent that's coming on board - all very different personalities - but all absolutely authentic, transparent and real. That's what I want to put out there," said Scott. "It's not something that we're saying we're the most of anything, but we are accessible."

"We're providing a real estate service that's tailored to the consumer... People would call it a boutique brokerage, that's one of the vogue words right now," she added. "If you're working with me and you want to take on more and play less... We can definitely work with a client to establish what they want."

Right now, Reva has two agents and one administrator. Scott said the brokerage offers something different than others in the area and that she's not necessarily in competition with the them. In the past, she said she's referred many people to other agents in the area because Reva's at-home business model couldn't support all of the clients it had. She realized that bigger companies would have been better suited to help those specific people, especially as they purchase property all over the U.S. 3 so she was helping people expand the area limit they had in search of new properties.

There should be "as many business models as there are types of people and clients," she said.

"Steve and I have been around for 15 years, we've held our market share for that long. As far as changing the landscape of the brokerages that are in town or offering more competition or less competition we're certainly not a threat to anyone and we're not challenged by any of the business models out there," she said.

If you're looking to buy a property or sell you property, Scott recommended that you interview different agents from different brokerages.

"Quite often as a buyer they don't interview people, they don't actually come in and say, ‘Well what are you prepared to do for me? What is the process if I work with you, what's that going to look like?'" she said.

"That's an education that needs to be out there because there's good agents at every single brokerage at this town. It's not about us being better, it's about us working with the clients that fit with us - and it works both ways."

Excerpt: If you’re looking for Reva Realty, look no further than the Art Gallery of Bancroft.
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