Water: we are all in this together

February 8, 2017

The Bancroft water and sewage issue, and the increase in cost for people already struggling to keep up with utility and housing costs and put food on their tables, is on all of our minds.

Response to Mayo Schmidt, CEO of Hydro One

Recently you wrote a letter to residents in our area telling them you take your charges for electricity delivery in our area seriously. You and your team are working hard to get things figured out on how to do things better — or at least make your charges understandable on the bill.

What does it cost Hastings Highlands to sell lakeshore land?

The surprise ending at last Wednesday’s council meeting in Hastings Highlands left a packed gallery of ratepayers speechless. At the previous meeting Councillor Alex Walder made a motion to raise the sale price of lakeshore road allowances to abutting landowners — which passed in a recorded vote four-three, with Councillor Nancy Matheson, Deputy Mayor Gregg Roberts, and Councillor Tracy Hagar voting nay, and Mayor Vivian Bloom voting yes to break the tie. The new cost raised the current price three-fold for the remaining ratepayers, estimated about 80 per cent who may need to purchase their abutting lakeshore land.

Thank you, municipal staff

Just a brief note of thanks to Adrian Thomasini, Denver Mayhew and our Hastings Highlands treasurer David Stewart and all the crew who worked to repair Hwy 62 between Maynooth and Maple Leaf last summer.

Is Hastings Highlands gouging ratepayers?

Municipal councils do not usually cite “judiciary responsibility” to impose a more than three-fold price increase on the purchase of their lakeshore land — especially when the abutting owner, as the only buyer, also bears the total survey and legal costs to acquire a deed for the land — normally a cost to the seller.

Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

Scientists agree 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded. Whether it was higher costs due to a hotter summer or more severe flooding because of a faster spring melt, families and businesses — both urban and rural — felt the impact of climate change right here in Ontario.

Water and sewers mishandled

I trust that many of you have followed the affairs of the Town of Bancroft and the decisions made by our elected officials which have contributed to our ballooning municipal debt presently approaching $10 million — more than twice the amount of property taxes received by the town in 2015.

Thanks for being a caring community

Years ago my Dad started having problems remembering things. He was only 70 years old at the time. He is 93 now.

Response to Post Truth

I am writing about Sherwood Hines’ article Post Truth. Although some good points were made, there were some points made that could be potentially misleading to your readers.

Support for Coe Hill

These are sad days for Coe Hill. Both our fire chief Rick Middleton and ourdeputy fire chief David Jackson have resigned. We are afraid more will follow. These resignations are due to the lack of support they have received and the negative comments and accusations made. Not only have we lost these two wonderful individuals but other caring, dedicated volunteers have also resigned from the groups they have been serving for the exact same reason. We are going to lose more.

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