Family feuds

February 23, 2017

By Tony Pearson Maybe it’s something in the water, but Bancroft council seems to be having trouble with its digestion lately. Some councillors don’t seem ...

What is a BIA?

In 1969, the city of Toronto was approached by a group of business people from Bloor West Village because the area was becoming rundown. After consultation, the provincial government enacted legislation under the Municipal Act, providing municipalities with the authority to designate “Business Improvement Areas.” Since then, hundreds of BIAs have been instituted across North America.

Cheers to the big red and pink holiday

So, Valentine’s Day happened. Whether you woke up to kisses or your cat Feb. 14 — which, really, is lucky either way — chances are you participated in the day of love with or without meaning to.

Turn the page on phobias

I don’t know about you, but I am getting really tired of telling the human race to just get along and play nice.

How to attend a council meeting

One of our readers called in asking how to attend a council meeting. What are the times and dates? Is there a way to get the agenda beforehand? Is there etiquette to attending council? How do I get involved?

Walkway project to beautify Bancroft

The BBIA is looking for volunteer groups and individuals to champion the various components of its walkways project.

Take time for our elders

If you’ve been reading This Week with any regularity this past month, you may have guessed that January is Alzheimer’s awareness month.

Remembering to hope

Some years ago, I went home at Christmas to visit my parents. At first, everything seemed normal. Then I found my father trying to do up the zipper on a coat. He looked at me with a rueful expression and said “I’ve been trying to do this for almost 15 minutes and I can’t remember how the damn thing works.” My heart sank. I knew this was the start of a long slide into the total darkness of full-blown Alzheimer’s. Eventually the disease shut down his whole body. He died when his breathing just stopped.

Trudeau visits rural; why it matters

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touched down just out of arm’s reach last week. He stopped in Napanee, Belleville and Peterborough over Jan. 12 and 13 on his cross-country tour to meet regular Canadians just like you and me. The goal of the tour, it seemed, was to re-establish and strengthen Ottawa’s connection with rural people’s needs and ideas.

Should the park tap be free?

If you were on social media over the past weekend you would’ve seen the debate sparked between Town of Bancroft Councillor Bill Kilpatrick and Councillor Mary Kavanagh over the Millennium Park free water tap.

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