An open letter to PM Justin Trudeau, MP Mike Bossio

July 21, 2016

I am ashamed for being a Canadian due to the fact that we as a nation are the greatest source of green house gases (GHG) in the world. I believe we have absolutely nothing to celebrate in 2017 for our 150th birthday as a nation. We are participating in global genocide due to our environmental crimes against humanity. We as a nation are causing climate change! Every Canadian should be hanging their Canadian flag upside down to signify we are a nation in distress!

But Canadians want change! If every Canadian can reduce their GHGs by 80 per cent, then we do actually have something to celebrate. We could again be very proud. But we must do it now by declaring war on climate change!

Please consider the following solutions.

All new growth and development are new sources of GHGs. We will never reduce our GHGs by 80 per cent (five  per cent per year for 16 years) if growth continues. All growth must be stopped unless it is proven to be carbon neutral.

Since all nations must reduce their GHGs by 80 per cent there is no longer a need to export Canadian coal and oil. Therefore shut down the tar sands disaster, stop all coal exports and stop all oil exports. Show the world you are serious about stopping climate change so we can all be proud Canadians with a clear conscience.

Canada must become food self- sufficient, No GMOs and only organic crops. We must become sustainable to avoid the unthinkable.

Canadians need a detailed and accurate Carbon Foot Print Calculator to measure our progress in our efforts to reduce our GHG.

Cap and trade systems have never been proven to reduce GHGs. They only increase corporate profits. Carbon taxes only penalize low income citizens and allow the rich to continue to pollute. We need tough legally binding regulations and laws with enforcement. We need all our environmental laws reinstated with penalties. As a private citizen, I personally have spent the last 30 years of my life hunting down corporations who pollute people’s drinking water supplies.

I want a bounty paid to anyone who turns in corporations who damage the environment, based on a percentage of the clean-up costs with all costs for the clean-up and bounty paid for by the corporation and not the taxpayer as is usually the case. Corporations profit by destroying the environment rather than using the best practices. Therefore profits are from the proceeds of crime and therefore their assets should be seized and corporate licences should be revoked.

How serious is the Liberal Party of Canada about climate change?

How fast can you convince the world with real action and not words?

Should we all start hanging our Canadian flags upside down to tell the world we are a country in distress?

Awaiting your reply, sincerely and in loving memory of Patricia Potter,

Chuck Potter



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