History speaks to us…Listen

July 8, 2021

The hidden Indigenous Children have been found

History unfolds before our eyes
what was once hidden is now found.

Many questions to ask
emotions with wide eyes open.
We look for answers
without understanding the truth of
what has been before us all along.

What do we do,how can we respond?
What we hear is horrible, frighteningly clear
our history stings us at every turn.

Its like looking into the sun,
knowing it will blind us,
but something that is often done.
Do we dare to conceive, try to understand
or do we despise history’s players.
Who were they? Surely evil incarnate.

It is hard to understand why,what, how.
People are just that, People.
What our ancestors did,
is often hard to understand,
and yet our minds and hearts yearn for answers.

what is clear to all and brings understanding ,
is that harmful mistakes, human errors abound
and if we could find solace at this time,
lets us look into a mirror and see their kind.

History shows that We are alike, yet humanity
turns away from itself.
Different Labels, religions, cultures and skin
that drive us apart but should unite Us.

The Missing will be found, identified and cherished.
May the Spirit of Humanity within Us All awaken.
Being human is neither right or wrong,
it is a process of being awake, seeing each other
and extending a hand of kindness and understanding.

In many cultures the dead come back to warn
the living of bad things to come.
What message do these found people present us?
Try to look throught thier eyes, their ancestors
before us.
Love thy neighbor, Honor their presence before you,
Fear not the different, but celebrate their newness of life.

Steven Kaszab



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